About Us

The mission of Vegetarian and Vegan Youth is to engage and empower youth to become vegan and activists in the vegan movement.

What We Believe:

Vegetarian and Vegan Youth promotes veganism based on the belief that animals are not ours to eat or use in any way. We are committed to promoting compassionate living and improving the world for animals, the earth, our health, and broader humanity, and believe that choosing veganism is the way individuals can make the largest impact. And we believe that as the next generation of leaders and influencers, young people have enormous power to change the course of history by making a lifetime commitment to veganism.

Vegetarian and Vegan Youth believes that strategically it is most important to promote veganism among youth as they are open-minded, curious and questioning the world around them. We support activists who promote veganism in their schools and universities throughout every corner of the globe. And we believe student activist groups have incredible potential to educate other youth on veganism, increase awareness about the need and benefits of veganism within their social circles, and create a society supportive of new vegans. We will lead the way to create large-scale change, by providing education, training, tools, resources, and connections so student activists will be as effective as possible.

Vegetarian and Vegan Youth also believes that organizing youth across the globe in the vegan movement will have the biggest impact for the future of the movement, the lives of animals, and the state of the world. We know that youth are the most effective in advocating veganism to other youth, and that schools provide the ideal locations with the largest audiences to do so.

Vegetarian and Vegan Youth believes that when young vegans and vegetarians are part of a community that provides support, advice, and inspiration, they will choose a vegan lifestyle for a lifetime. We assist individuals, middle school through college age, in choosing veganism and help them overcome the unique challenges they may face as youth.

Vegetarian and Vegan Youth believes that youth should have opportunities to discuss and form their own opinions of the different perspectives of veganism. We welcome, and encourage deep thought and dialogues about the various philosophies, reasons, tactics, and strategies to spark cooperation and understanding within the vegan movement.


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