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VegYouth In the News:

7-22-15: Vegetarian Resource Group scholarship interview with Chloe Falkenheim

Spring 2015: M/F Collective “How I Became Vegan

1-31-15: Our Hen House podcast interview with Chloe (interview starts at 35:00)

12-9-14: Ecoveggy interview with Chloe Falkenheim

November/December 2014: VegYouth Featured in All Animal’s Magazine

9-22-14: Ginny Messina The Future of Animal Rights (and Some Vegan Nutrition Tips for Teens)

9-9-14: One Green Planet Proof That Youth Are Changing Their Diet, and Changing the World!

9-1-14: Striking at the Roots VegYouth Celebrates Its First Anniversary

8-24-14: Vegan Radio Talking vegan advocacy with young activists (interview starts at 21:50)

6-29-14: Kevin Storm Show interview with Chloe Falkenheim

4-26-14: Chloe spoke at the Arlington, Virginia Green Living Expo

3-31-14: Our Hen House Schooltivism: A 16-year-old Activist Describes How She Is Changing The World For Animals Through A Worldwide Web of Passionate Students

12-31-13: Charleston Gazette Are You or a Loved One Going Vegetarian in 2014?

10-30-13: Huffington Post Compassion, Integrity and our ‘AHA!’ Moments

2013: Chloe featured in The Youth Leader Card Game

2013: Chloe received Humane League’s Student Activist of the Year award

What People Are Saying About VegYouth:

“VegYouth is important because we get such a big bang for our activist buck when we do outreach to youth. Keeping more young activists motivated and giving them ideas for strategic advocacy is a huge service to animals and the animal advocacy movement.” – Jon Camp, Outreach Director of Vegan Outreach

“Teens are more likely to choose vegetarian or vegan foods, not only because they’re more likely to question the status quo, but they also have fewer years of engrained meat-eating habits to combat. As someone who became vegan as a teen, I know that teens aren’t the “future” of our movement–they are part of our movement now!” – Paul Shapiro, Vice President of Farm Animal Protection at the Humane Society of the United States

“I visited the DC VegFest last year and met Chloe advertising something about vegetarians who were young like me–I was so excited to finally see something like it!” – Alex Miller, VegYouth Alliance member

“As someone who went vegan while in high school in the late ’80s, it was very important to meet others my age who felt like I did so I did not feel so alone. With a group like VegYouth, it is easy for activists to connect, share experiences and ideas – not only to help them have pride in their decision, but also how to make a difference.” – Lauren Ornelas, Founder and Director of the Food Empowerment Project

“[VegYouth] has focus, direction, passion, people behind it, and a true purpose… A resource for connecting vegan youth leaders to each other, to share resources, and support one another is so important.” – Alissa Hauser, Executive Director of The Pollination Project

“When I founded Students for Animals at William & Mary, I realized that college is the best time in our lives for activism, because we have the power to make a huge difference while learning along the way. That was when I discovered VegYouth and all of the other students around the world who are doing the same thing – and a lot of them are much younger than me and have accomplished so much more! It’s so inspiring to be involved with such a great group.” – Meagan Phillips, VegYouth Alliance member