Vegan Teen Interview: Axel

Country: Sweden

At what age did you become vegan? 18

Why did you become vegan?

Well, the arguments why to become vegan were quite convincing, but watching slaughter videos finally took me to the vegan area.

Were your parents supportive of your veganism? What concerns did they have about it? How are your parents involved in your veganism? Do they buy vegan food for you? Do they cook for you? Or do you have to buy your own food or cook for yourself?

I decided to go vegetarian when I was 16 and vegan two years later. My parents were kind of supportive. I knew my nutrition and they relied on me.

I do my own shopping and cooking. But since I´m the only one who has skills in the kitchen, I usually cook for more than just me. 🙂

How do your friends react to your veganism? Are they supportive? Did veganism change your social life? Have you ever been teased about it? 

Well, at the start, I was a lousy advocate. I was so overwhelmed by this new found awareness of animal cruelty. I forgot that I too once was unaware and I became very bitter and judgmental even to my friends.

I guess that my bitterness scared away many potential friends. However, since grasping information from amazing advocates such as Tel Oren and Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, I finally became a more joyful person and certainly a more social person.

I´ve never really been teased about being vegan. I´m 19 years old now and people around are of course more mature but it would certainly be different if I was vegan as 14.

Do you have any advice for other vegan teens?

Think about your communication. The art of converting someone (to go vegan) is by not trying to convert anyone. Just speak your truth and don´t let yourself being detached to someone else is going to react. I highly encourage to visit the these two links:

What do you do for fun? What are your after school activities? What are your favorite subjects in school?

I’ve finished school now, but I remember that my favorite topic was chemistry.

As an outdoor activity I usually row a lot in “sculler boats”.

I’m also writing my own book about veganism that hopefully will be published.