Vegan Teen Interview: Marc

Country: United States

At what age did you become vegan? 9

Why did you become vegan?

It’s the right thing to do!

Were your parents supportive of your veganism? What concerns did they have about it? How are your parents involved in your veganism? Do they buy vegan food for you? Do they cook for you? Or do you have to buy your own food or cook for yourself?

As long as I stay healthy, they kinda let me do what I want, but yeah, I have to do some of my own cooking. But at least they buy it.

How do your friends react to your veganism? Are they supportive? Did veganism change your social life? Have you ever been teased about it?

Nobody would get away with teasing me. 😉 And kids at school think its cool and some of them have gone kinda veg but most not totally.

What do you do to make sure you stay healthy on a vegan diet? Do you take any supplements? Do you count your food servings?

I just eat and I like to eat. 🙂 But mom and dad have me get a full doctor’s check to make sure that I’m ok and I am.

What’s a typical breakfast for you? A typical lunch? A typical snack? A typical dinner?

For breakfast I eat fruit and cereal or fruit and toast.

For lunch, I eat sandwiches and fruit and nuts.

For dinner I eat lots of different things.

Do you have any advice for other vegan teens?

You know whats right so do what’s right.

What do you do for fun? What are your after school activities? What are your favorite subjects in school?

I play lots of sports like baseball and soccer and football and I do parkour, sky high, skooter, biking, skating an am on my trampoline every day!

I also do stuff with and

And the best of all is going during the summer to