Vegan Teen Interview: Sophie

Country: United Kingdom

Why did you become vegan?: 

I became vegetarian in march 2013 and after learning more about the production of dairy in the USA as well as the UK, I was totally put off and gave it all up 2 weeks ago. The main thing that upsets me is that the calf is taken away from the mother after only a day of being born and we don’t even NEED COW’S MILK!?!

Were your parents supportive of your veganism?:

My parents were supportive of vegetarianism but quite shocked about veganism. My mother thinks I am going to get ‘brainwashed’ and she thinks she will lose me.

How do your friends react to your veganism? Are they supportive? Did veganism change your social life? Have you ever been teased about it?:

They were supportive and shocked, and some a little jealous I have the will power! Sometimes I can’t go out for dinner with friends if they are going somewhere specific that only sells seafood for example and no other options. I do enjoy going to friend’s barbecues though because they ask lots of questions and I can pass on the knowledge!

What do you do to make sure you stay healthy on a vegan diet? Do you take any supplements? Do you count your food servings?:

I take vitamin b12 everyday. I am very interested in nutrition and I ensure my cooking covers all nutritional needs. I like variety and trying new dishes. I have vegan lasagna in the oven right now! Lentils are a good staple food for me and I generally use them wherever I would have used mince meat before.

I also do not eat any processed foods and hardly any sugar! Very plant-based.

What’s a typical breakfast for you? A typical lunch? A typical snack? A typical dinner?:

Fruit muesli for breakfast or wholemeal toast with no sugar jam.

Lunch might be scrambled tofu on wholemeal toast or a felafel wrap with hummus and salad.

Dinner vegetable wholewheat pasta/ lentil bolognese/ homemade veggie burgers…

Snacks are fruits! Apples, banana, dates! Just made wholemeal blueberry muffins today!

Do you have any advice for other vegan teens?:

Don’t let anyone tell you that you will be unhealthy and just read some books about nutrition, it’s so interesting and you will always have an answer ready when someone says “where you do get your protein?”

What do you do for fun? What are your after school activities? What are your favorite subjects in school?:

Seeing bands live! Cooking! Baking! Reading about nutrition and reading about animal rights/ current affairs etc.