Presenting the Idea

So how do you tell your parents that you want to go vegetarian or vegan? Here’s how!

Of course, you know your family better than we do, so feel free to adjust anything.

(If you know that your parents will have no problem with you changing your diet, then feel free to skip this article.)

First, figure out your parent’s opinion on vegetarianism or veganism.

Perhaps you know that they are sort of okay with vegetarianism, but are worried about a few nutrients. Or, perhaps you know that they absolutely hate vegans.

Depending on how well they view it, or how badly they view it, you will need to do less or more work to get them on board with your new diet.

Next, become fully prepared and knowledgeable.

Read as much of this website as you can. Read this article and fill out the chart to get an idea of your family would eat. Keep this chart to show your parents, and make a list of foods that you would need to buy. Look at the ultimate guide to eating healthy. See a list of responses your parents might have, and practice responding to them.

Answer these questions for yourself. If you want to, write down the answers to show to your parents.

Then, tell your parents you want to go vegetarian or vegan, and show them the answers to the questions

Listen to their concerns and respond to them. Offer to track your nutrition, so they know that you will be healthy.

If they let you go vegetarian or vegan, then celebrate! Next, see this article to learn how to change your diet.

If they’re not happy, then they probably had one of these reactions or these objections. Plan your response to their reactions. Then, talk to them again. Listen to their concerns and respond to them again. Keep going until you can go vegetarian or vegan. If you just cannot right now, read this article.