You and Your Family

How will a plant-based diet affect your family?

Yes, going vegetarian, and especially vegan, will be slightly more difficult for your family. However, the difficulties they will encounter will only be minor problems, not hardships.

Show this article to your parents before you change your diet!

  • Grocery Shopping:

If you’re vegan, your family will need to buy some vegan options, and also healthy food supplements. They will need to check food labels to make sure the food is vegan.

If you’re vegetarian, most of the food your family buys is already vegetarian, so won’t need to check labels. You just need to buy food for good vegetarian meals.

  • Cooking:

You will need to make a vegetarian or vegan part of every meal. See this article to learn how to make vegetarian and vegan versions of family meals. See this article to learn how to cook.

  • Restaurants and Vacations:

Going to a restaurant can be tricky.

Ethnic restaurants, like Indian or Mexican restaurants, often have good vegetarian and vegan options. You will need to do some research to find a veg-friendly restaurant. Websites like urban spoon and happy cow help you find veg-friendly restaurants. Also, here’s a list of fast food chains with vegan options.

If your family goes non-veg-friendly restaurant, then you may have to ask the chef to make something off the menu for you. Most often, restaurants can always make pasta with olive oil and vegetables, or rice and vegetables.

Overall, every time you eat out, you will have to check the menu thoroughly and ask the waiters and waitresses about vegetarian and vegan options. This gets much easier as time goes by.

  • Dinner Parties:

If you go to a dinner party with your family, then they must tell hosts that you are vegetarian or vegan and ask if they will have an option for you. If not, bring your own food.

  • Conversations:

If you become vegetarian or vegan and the rest of your family eats meat, expect some arguments. However, if you make an effort not to fight about it, then it shouldn’t be a big problem.

For you, the teenage vegan, see common objections to veganism and veganism and social life to learn how to respond to hostile questions about your diet.