How To!

So, how can you become vegetarian or vegan?

First, what are vegetarians? 

Vegetarians do not eat meat, but eat animal products such as milk and eggs, and wear leather and wool.

What are vegans?

Vegans do not eat meat, milk or eggs. Many vegans also do not wear wool or leather. Some vegans do not eat honey or other various products. I only avoid meat, milk, eggs, wool and leather, and I don’t worry about honey and other minor animal products.

However, between carnivore, vegetarian and vegan, there is a lot of variation. Some vegetarians avoid all forms of meat, but still eat fish or chicken. Some people eat mostly vegan, but eat eggs. Then, some people eat vegetarian or vegan most of the time, but sometimes eat meat or animal products.

Overall, you don’t need to be perfectly vegetarian or vegan all of the time. Instead, make the biggest possible difference for animals, the environment, and your health by eliminating as much meat, milk and eggs as you can. However, if you slip up once or twice, that’s okay. Nothing will happen.

So how do you become vegetarian or vegan?

To change your diet, follow the instructions in this article. Then voila! You’ll eat vegetarian or vegan!

Also, here’s a quick tip:

Always have delicious food with you. You can take a granola bar, fruit, chips, or another snack with you. If you’re vegan, during dessert, have a chocolate bar in your bag, so that when you crave dessert, you can eat the chocolate.

What if you can’t change your diet all at once?

If you can’t become fully vegetarian or vegan right away, here are some ways to slowly transition:

  • Start by eating a vegetarian or vegan breakfast every day. Then add a plant-based lunch, then snack, and then dinner.
  • Start by eating vegetarian or vegan one day each week. Then eat vegetarian or vegan two days per week, and then three, until you eat vegetarian or vegan seven days a week.
  • Go vegetarian or vegan for thirty days. After thirty days, you can decide to continue the diet, or go back to the way you ate before.
  • Eliminate one type of animal or animal product from your diet at a time.
  • Eat vegetarian or vegan at home, but be flexible when eating out. Or eat vegetarian or vegan when eating out, but flexible at home.

Even when you’re only eating vegetarian or vegan only part of the time, stick to it. Don’t waver, except in emergencies. You can do it!