When You Can’t Change Your Diet

If you’ve exhausted every bit of advice in my other articles, and it’s still impossible for you to change your diet, read on.

When some teens can’t become fully vegetarian, they quit vegetarianism completely. But, even if going fully vegetarian or vegan is impossible, you shouldn’t give up. Instead of quitting completely, be a part-way vegetarian.

By being vegan, I want to make a difference; I want my veganism to help end factory farming. If your goal is to make a difference too, then you don’t have to eat completely vegetarian or vegan to make a difference. Every meatless, dairyless, eggless food choice you make will make a difference.

Don’t half-heartedly be part-way vegetarian. Instead, call yourself part-vegetarian. Tell everyone that you are part-vegetarian. Be very committed and proud of your part-vegetarianism.

How do you become a part-way vegetarian?

  • If your parents won’t let you go change your diet, but you can control your breakfast, lunch and snack, then eat vegetarian or vegan before dinner.
  • Eat meat and animal products in your house. Outside of the house, eat vegetarian or vegan.
  • At restaurants without vegetarian or vegan options, allow yourself to eat meat and/or animal products. However, there almost always pasta with olive oil at a restaurant, so this situation will not happen often.
  • If you have to go to a fast food place, try to eat the fast food vegetarian and vegan options. If the are no vegetarian or vegan options, then allow yourself to eat meat and animal products there.
  • Or, just eat vegetarian or vegan when you can afford to and have time for it, and don’t when you can’t.

Overall, choose the compassionate option if you can, but if the only food available to you has animal based foods in it, then please don’t starve–eat it.

Be as flexible with vegetarianism as your money and family situation allows, and don’t feel bad about it.  And always, wait it out. If you keep at it, eventually you’ll go fully vegetarian or vegan.

Also, someone who is not vegetarian or vegan, but is an effective activist for vegan foods, makes more a difference than someone who is just vegan, but not an activist. If you are half-way vegan, but you convince 20 people to be half-way vegan, then you make the same difference as ten full vegans. So, if you can, start a club at your school to promote vegetarianism.