Creative Ways to Fundraise

Support VegYouth with a creative activity you hold yourself with family and friends!

Forgo birthday or holiday gifts and ask family and friends to donate to VegYouth.

Race for VegYouth. Participate in a race on your own or with a team and collect pledges for every mile or kilometer you run. You could even design a t-shirt that shows that you racing to raise money for VegYouth.

Hold a yard sale/garage sale and donate the money you raised.

Sell items online through auction sites like eBay and donate the money you make.

Sell baked goods, crafts, art, or plants. Use your skills as a baker, crafter, artist, or gardener and donate the money you raise.

Music night. Gather some supportive bands from your community. Book a venue, invite your friends, and donate the cover charge to VegYouth.

Provide services in your neighborhood. Help your neighbors by babysitting, mowing the lawn, shoveling snow, or dog walking and donate the money you make.

Hold a theme party, happy hour or food tasting. Charge an entrance fee and donate the proceeds to VegYouth.

Host a movie night and charge admission. Make some popcorn and show a movie at your house for family and friends and donate the admission fees.

Bowling. Organize a bowling night or competition and charge a small fee to enter or have participants get bowl-a-thon pledges for VegYouth.

Ask your friends and family for donations via Facebook. Post an update on why you support VegYouth along with a link to our PayPal account. Or set up a Facebook Event and invite your family and friends to your online donation event!

Have other ideas? Please email us!