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Promoting Veganism in Your Daily Life

Becoming veg doesn’t mean you must give up all the activities you used to love–in fact, the veg lifestyle can improve quality of life and make every day even more of an adventure! If you’re passionate about the veg cause, you probably want to spread the message in everything you do. This article gives you all sorts of simple things you can do to promote your veg lifestyle and spread the message!

  • Whenever you’re out with friends/family in any situation that requires food, always bring vegan food and share with people:
    • Have quick snacks ready like trail mix when going on hikes
    • If you’re going to get ice cream, bring along some vegan ice cream; better yet, make your own and share the recipe with everyone, allowing them to try some for comparison
  • If you’re going to a birthday party or similar celebration (Fourth of July picnic, family reunion, etc.) bring something like veggie burgers or fruit with a vegan fruit dip.
  • When choosing where you go out to eat:
    • Take non-veg friends to a vegan cafe, so they can try dishes they normally wouldn’t
    • Try out different websites to find local veg places like http://www.HappyCow.net
    • If you’re going to fast food restaurants, check out this article for veg options
  • When invited to a dinner party, notify the host in advance about your lifestyle and ask if some options will be available. If not, volunteer to bring something of your own. This is a subtle way of introducing your lifestyle without forcing it on them, especially if you volunteer to bring some food.
    • Better yet, make a point to offer making something to show off your vegan cooking skills, rather than simply as a way of having something to eat!
    • If you’re really comfortable with the party guests, offer to teach them how to cook a veg dish. You or they could get the necessary ingredients, and it could become a time of bonding. Also give them other similar recipes they could try on their own, which they could make for your next visit.
  • For a potluck meal, bring a vegan dish to share. Be sure the dish is one you know well, that’s undeniably good (even to meat-eaters’ taste buds) and that people would be willing to make on their own.
    • If the recipe is short, try memorizing it for when you’re asked about how it’s made; if the recipe is longer, bring along some sticky notes or recipe cards and place them next to the dish so everyone knows exactly what’s in it and can take the recipe home with them.
  • Invite people over for dinner: sharing meals is a great way to spread the message with family and friend.
  • Make a really nice meal for your friend, date, parents, or siblings. Sharing your delicious veg meals often leads to questions about the food.
  • Put together a vegan menu for your family/friends on holidays. Your father/mother will get to try vegan food that is delicious; plus, it’s a gift from your heart!
  • Make a vegan birthday cake for someone’s special day!
  • When grocery shopping with others:
    • Gravitate toward the produce section, where you can demonstrate all the wonderful things vegans can eat.
    • Point out the best foods in the store and share tips on how to prepare recipes with veggies they may not have cooked before.
    • When in the processed foods section, point out items that are veg, avoid focusing on what you can’t eat.
  • Introduce veg products into your family, paying with your own money if necessary for foods you alone eat.
    • Sometimes, once you’ve made something they normally wouldn’t want to try, they will ask for a taste anyway.
  • Ask for vegan gifts or give them as gifts to others: vegan chocolate for holidays, faux leather boots, a vegan bag or piece of clothing (better yet, one with a veg message on it), gift card to a vegan restaurant, etc.
  • Forgo presents and ask that a donation be made to a vegan or animal organization instead, such as Veg Youth.
  • When giving other people gifts, consider making some vegan treats like a plate of holiday cookies; include a recipe card with the ingredients in case they want to make the recipe themselves.
  • Wear your message: wear veg-promoting t-shirts, hoodies, buttons, or totes with positive messages to encourage an open conversation with you.
  • Get a vegan bag made from faux leather and tell your admiring friends to check out this new bag, which didn’t hurt any animals in the process!
  • When participating in veg events, bring a non-veg friend along. Not only is everything better with someone else, but it’s a great way of breaking common stereotypes about veg people, and the experiences that friend has may just be enough to change his/her diet.
  • Use your social media:
    • Post interesting info, recipes, veg tidbits., articles, books, and blogs
    • Include a mention of veganism in your email address/usernames online
    • Put a quote or blog/article link in your email signature
    • Post pictures of your veg meals on Pinterest or Instagram

In general, incorporate your veg lifestyle into everything you do! Over time, these activities will have lasting impact on all the people in your life!