Student Clubs

Are you interested in promoting vegetarianism and veganism in your school?

Join the VegYouth Alliance! What is the VegYouth Alliance? It’s an international network of student activists working to promote veg living in their schools. Some of these student activists operate by themselves, and others lead Vegetarian Clubs, Animal Rights Clubs, Environmental Clubs, Health Clubs and more. Some are in college, some in high school, and some are in middle school.

We welcome student activists at all stages–whether you’re brand new at activism and need help or super experienced and just want to polish your skills, we’d love to have you!

So what does the Alliance do?

  • We have a closed Facebook group just for Alliance members to discuss their clubs’ problems and successes, and receive advice and support.
  • We offer individual mentoring and advice to help you get your activism started.
  • We keep in contact and post updates about our club through the Facebook group and future e-newsletter.
  • We have guides to starting and running a club as well as many activities your club can do.
  • We connect to each other so we know there are many other student activists just like us!