VegYouth Alliance

Calling all youth activists, we want to help you!

Are you trying to spread the veg message at your school?

You don’t have to do your activism alone. Do you want to be a part of a community of like-minded students activists and receive daily motivation and inspiration from them?

Do you want answers, support and advice to the problems and obstacles you’ve faced and will face with your activism?

Do you want to increase your effectiveness as a leader and activist, and learn how to make as big of a difference as possible? Do you want endless ideas on ways to make a difference and endless strategies for making sure that your activism is successful? Do you want access to a resource library of tools such as action guides, posters, leaflets, funding and more?

What is the VegYouth Alliance? It’s an international network of student activists working to promote veg living in their schools. Some of these student activists operate by themselves, and others lead Vegetarian Clubs, Animal Rights Clubs, Environmental Clubs, Health Clubs and more. Some are in college, some in high school, and some are in middle school.

We welcome student activists at all stages–whether you’re brand new at activism and need help or super experienced and just want to polish your skills, we’d love to have you!

So what does the alliance do? We are a way for alliance members to discuss their clubs’ problems and successes, and receive advice and support.

  • We offer individual mentoring to help you get your activism started.
  • We keep in contact and post updates about our club through a Facebook group.
  • We have guides to starting and running a club as well as many activities your club can do.

Why have an alliance in the first place?

We believe that promoting veg food choices is one of the most important things we can do because it affects so many things in the world, not only the animals struggling on factory farms, but our own health and the broader environment and planet.

Students have the biggest platform to promote veg food choice because the key to bringing about a veg world is through educating the next generation, and students, as members of the next generation, are surrounded by other students, who are also members of the next generation, all day! So student activists have so much power to promote veg eating to improve the world for the animals, ourselves and the earth. We must harness that power and make it as effective as possible to make as big of a difference as possible! That is why we have the alliance.