Toilet Talks

What are toilet talks? No, they have nothing to do with potty mouths. Toilet-talks are just posters that you put in toilet stalls.

Why in the world are toilet-talks good ideas? 

Just think for a moment. Almost everyone has to use a school toilet at some point in the day. When someone is on a toilet, he or she looks at the wall in front of him or her and is pretty bored. So, if you put a poster in eye-view in a toilet stall, they will be forced to read your message. What a perfect opportunity to spread a message!

What can you use a toilet-talk for? 

Toilet-talks are great ways to spread information about important upcoming events. If you have a taste-testing you can advertise it by putting up toilet-talks about it.

Toilet-talks are great ways to tell  your school about your sponsored farm animal.

Toilets-talks are also a great way to spread awareness on issues related to vegetarianism. Here are examples of awareness-spreading toilet-talks. Feel free to put these up in your school:

You can also design your own. When designing your own, try to use as few words as possible, and use big font, so that people can read them in the time it takes them to use the toilet. Put a link to a website about vegetarianism (hint-hint a link to this site) at the bottom of the toilet-talk.

To put up posters, you will need: 

  • Printer, paper and ink
  • Copier
  • Tape (more than one roll is best)

Click here to learn about getting grants to pay for these items.

Here’s how to put up posters:

  1. Before the club meeting, make a map of all the bathroom stalls in your school. Count all the stalls, so that you know how many posters to print.
  2. Before the club meeting, print out the number posters that you counted in step one.
  3. During the club meeting, divide everyone up into teams. Assign each team a region on the map. Each team should have one roll of tape, and enough posters to cover the region the team was assigned. Set a timer for some time between five to fifteen minutes, and ask everyone to be back at the end of that span of time.

A funny story…

While putting up the posters, our club ran into a problem. Everyone at the meeting was a girl, so no one could enter the boys’ bathrooms. This did not stop us–some of us snuck into the boys bathrooms to put posters. It was after school, so no one was in the bathrooms. But eventually we got caught and had to stop. To avoid this situation, try to have a balance of both genders in your club.